Sunday, May 30, 2004

The online mags speak out 

First up: a shiny new issue of Plots With Guns, with the usual mix of great stories, insane interviews, and other things that make it such a special magazine. Like Trev Maviano's conversation with Mark T. Conard--noir author, philosopher, and judging from this interview, an all around freak who bests and is bested only by the freakishness of Maviano. The co-editor calms down some in his Earful to talk about just how horrible and depressing the world can get--a cold, but necessary dose of reality that sometimes gets lost. As for the stories, they include the likes of Pat Lambe, the superhuman Stephen D. Rogers (how many hundred stories has he written now?) Stacey Cochran, and Tim Wohlforth, who gets away with as cool an opening line I've seen in ages.

Once you're done devouring the new PWG, go check out issue six of Shred of Evidence. Editrix Megan Powell has put together a cracking collection of stories from the likes of Gerald So, Ed Lynskey, and the aforementioned Messrs Cochran and Rogers.

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