Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Beyond the Truth/Stranger/Fiction continuum 

This is the story of Ernest Di Falco, who just wanted to rob a bank but managed to get every detail wrong:
Di Falco, who is unemployed, entered the bank, approached a teller and displayed the phony gun, authorities said.

"This is a holdup," he announced. "Fill up the bag."

Once the bag was full, Di Falco amazingly asked the teller for a ride to his car, saying it was parked down the street.

The teller refused and called a cab.

Di Falco waited — with the bag of stolen cash, said FBI agent John Turkington.

"He waits patiently for the cab to arrive," he said. "People are coming and going."

As a disguise, Di Falco was wearing a long brown wig, sunglasses and a business suit. But a bank employee recognized him immediately.

When the cab arrived, another employee took down the license plate and gave it to cops, who broadcast it on the state police emergency network.

I swear, they should have training courses on this sort of thing. Rule one: don't call a freakin' cab!

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