Tuesday, May 18, 2004

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Gold Fish 

Another in the "all over the 'sphere" files: Tom Perrotta's LITTLE CHILDREN (a book that's languished on Mt. TBR for a while) was released way back at the end of March, got a boatload of great reviews, cracked the New York Times list, and has gone back to press six times. Slight snafu: the goldfish on the original cover are actually Goldfish (TM), as manufactured by Pepperidge Farm, the company responsible for Nantucket, Sausalito, and all those other too-hard cookies that really kind of suck, if you ask me. Anyway, they got pissed and demanded the cover be changed. And so, even though the new version is still unavailable online, it will have--instead of those lonely little fish--a couple of homemade chocolate chip cookies:
And this time [Dori] Weintraub, [associate director of St. Martin's Press] made sure those cookies wouldn't make any trouble. "I baked them myself," she says.

Coming soon: complaints from the person who created the recipe Weintraub used to make the cookies, demanding a new cover because the cookies do not accurately reflect the recipe in question. It's a hard, litigious world out there, you know...

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