Monday, May 24, 2004

J.K. Rowling's new habit 

So it seems that La Rowling trolls chat rooms. Who'd have thunk it?
JK ROWLING is so secretive about the plots to the Harry Potter books that she keeps notes in a shoebox in bank vault.

But when the multi-millionaire went ‘undercover’ to share her suggestions about the seventh and final novel in the series in an internet chatroom, young fans dismissed her ideas.

The bestselling author had anonymously logged on to a fan website devoted to the boy wizard, but her hints about the final book were not liked.

Of course they weren't interested--as long as the Harry series stays G-rated and nobody gets any action in the books, people will retreat to their little lust-filled cubbyholes to cook up even more unappetizing (or inappropriate) pairings, especially of the slash variety.*

Rowling also denies that Book Six, which may or may not be due out in 2005, will be titled HARRY POTTER AND THE GREEN FLAME TORCH. Dunno about you, but that screams "interim" to me....

And as it happens, she's just launched an official website to rebut rumors, give tidbits of her life, and whatnot--though the biography part is a little creepy as you click on a book labelled "1965-2004." Er, J.K., you trying to tell your fans something there?

*Memo to the movie guys: do not, under any circumstances whatsoever, cast Orlando Bloom in any role in any of the Potter movies to come. The fangirls might explode, or implode--or both.

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