Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Drew "Bundini" Brown 

Last night I watched the original Shaft for the umpteenth time, and was once again amazingly entertained. Later, I googled the movie, and learned that my favorite character, Bumpy's side-kick, Willie (who uttered such memorable lines as "That's some cold shit, throwing my man Leroy out the window. Just picked my man up and threw him out the goddam window."--and in Shaft's Big Score! his lines are even better), was played by Drew Bundini Brown. (See him facing off with Richard Rountree in the second picture here.) Who is Drew Bundini Brown? Well, he, it turns out, was one of Muhammad Ali's trainers, as well as a speech-writer, credited with "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee". This was news to me (as was the fact that in the Will Smith Ali, Drew was played by Jamie Foxx). Maybe this is old news to everyone else (I imagine it is), but it's enlightenment to me.

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