Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Colleen McCullough's next project 

The Australian author has already spent decades researching and writing her epic historical series about Ancient Rome; she made millions weep with THE THORN BIRDS (now, only the sight of Richard Chamberlain's face causes people to do that.) She's even plagiarized Lucy Maud Montgomery (though nobody knows what the settlement deal was.) So what's next for the bestselling author? Why....a murder mystery?

"It is a classical whodunit," McCullough said from her Norfolk Island home. "It is a genre that I haven't written before and I have had enormous fun writing this book because it is a genre that I love to read but have never tried to write."

The novel is set in the US in 1965 and has a working title which McCullough is keeping secret.

Interesting. Kudos for trying something new, but of course, we'll see if it's a successful venture for her.

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