Saturday, April 17, 2004

Weekend Update, Part 1 

The NY Times has an enthusiastic review of 'Blue Blood': Cop Memoir by Edward Conlon. This is an area we all feel we know pretty well, but as reviewer Ted Conover puts it -

Never has a cop explained like this -- and a working cop, at that. The New York Police Department has, of course, inspired a huge variety of popular entertainments over the years, from genre novels to films and long-running TV shows. But ''Blue Blood,'' in terms of its ambition, its authenticity and the power of its writing, is in a class by itself.

Meanwhile, The Times (London) has a crime round-up, offering good notices for Flesh and Blood by John Harvey, Hard Revolution by George Pelecanos, Leviathan by Boris Akunin, and perhaps most intriguingly, Darkness by Dacia Maraini. The latter is a collection of stories by an Italian author, based on newspaper cuttings of real Italian crimes. The subject matter is dark, often involving crimes of sexual abuse against children, though the review stresses that Maraini is more interested in the background than in the acts themselves. Marcel Berlins concludes the review by saying -

Maraini asks poignantly: who tell more lies, children or adults? The stories don’t always reach a conclusion; many just seem to peter out. Maraini writes simply and matter-of-factly. That apparent lack of involvement makes the impact of her stories all the stronger.

Sounds interesting. Meanwhile, the Telegraph also has a profile of Boris Akunin which I'll link as soon as they get around to putting it up.

And finally for now, if you feel like you need some more Martin Amis in your life, The Guardian has a new short story by him.

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