Thursday, April 01, 2004

The ultimate metablog post 

A long, long time ago in a galaxy not that far away, a man by the name of Jess Nevins compiled a document called "The A List." It was quite a long list, alphabetical in nature, giving quick and concise summaries about celebrities' claim to fame and who they were linked with. The list proved very popular and was posted to great acclaim on newsgroups like alt.showbiz.gossip and alt.gossip.celebrities and was mentioned by the likes of Jeffrey Wells and Page Six. Although I thought the list was no longer in existence, I was wrong--it was, in fact, updated just yesterday.

Riding on Nevins' coattails, a new list pops up: "The A List of Bloggers." Is it a shameless grab to get attention by the cool kids? But of course, although it needs a lot of work (hell, I'm not on it.) But some of my very favorite bloggers did make the cut.

Hell, I'm just happy I found Nevins' list again. Guess how I'll be spending the rest of the day...

(link from The Diminished Return, the Augmented Breast)

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