Monday, April 19, 2004

Speedo King 

The Times has the alarming news that the Janet Jackson nipple shot has finally been dislodged as the most sought-after picture on the internet. The culprit? A picture that appeared in many UK papers yesterday of Prince William wearing a pair of speedos. It's thought the picture is unlikely to increase sales of the trunks though, nor of the fetching hat (!) he wore for his first international water-polo match.

Rebecca Pearson at The Independent thinks Boris Akunin's Leviathan an enjoyable read, though she questions whether the translation has stayed true to the author's style. Still waiting for the excellent profile of Akunin to come online at The Telegraph, so that's one for Sarah when she gets back.

Unlike Robert McCrum (see Weekend Update), Andrew Biswell at The Scotsman thinks Yvonne Cloetta's memoir of Graham Greene, IN SEARCH OF A BEGINNING: MY LIFE WITH GRAHAM GREENE, is a useful addition to what we know about the author -

This illuminating memoir, written with intelligence and dignity, is a necessary corrective to the recent crop of bad or mad commentaries. Cloetta successfully makes the case for Greene as a man of great passion and generosity. Yet we are still waiting for a compact, scholarly biography of his entire life in a single volume.

More later, but the end is in sight, and your true host will soon return.

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