Saturday, April 03, 2004

On the blogwagon 

The Massive Weekend Update (TM) is scheduled for tomorrow morning as usual, but god, how to respond to this unbelievably lame-ass cover article in the Observer. I'm shaking my head at it, truly.

Problem one: citing Google as gospel.

Two weeks ago, the search for 'blog' on Google yielded 28,600,000 results; last Thursday, it was 29,700,000. The search will also throw up a large choice of commercial sites keen to help you and themselves exploit the blogging phenomenon. There is vivablog.com, motime.com, squarespace.com, 10QuickSteps.com and Blogging.Help-for-Me.com, all promising the easiest way to get your blog online and software to improve its design.

Problem two: Citing Technorati as pseudo-gospel.

Inevitably, there are 'adult' blogs. At the last count, the website Technorati had tracked 1,944,106 unique weblogs in the world, and there is only one theme common to all: they are all about ego, about wanting to be heard.

Problem three: their "best of the blogs" list. Bacon, Cheese & Oatcakes? Green Fairy? Bridget Who? More like Who the hell are these folks? And why are they all on Blogspot (yes, I know I am on blogspot as well. Doesn't mean I can't take a cheap shot now and then.)

And that's just to start. The whole earnest-cum-smarmy tone throughout Garfield's tone would be funny if it weren't so uninformed. It's almost like Garfield went out of his way to find the biggest nutter he could just to prove his point: that blogging is here to stay, but he wishes it weren't.

Gag. Well, back to the Passover cleaning. It's mindless enough to take my mind off this claptrap.

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