Friday, April 23, 2004

A less-than-plentiful roundup 

Must be some kind of slow day, but in any case:

After years of talks and dragging things out, Sean Connery has agreed to write his memoirs. He'll be helped by Meg Henderson, a woman he met a few years ago when they were both involved in charity work in their native Scotland.

Dale Brown, who writes zillions of military thrillers and probably has a team of ghost writers helping him, was found guilty of tax fraud. Ooops.

Academics blame the VAT tax--that pesky 17.5% that's added to everything--on why journals aren't exactly taking off on the internet. Especially since print journals are exempt from taxation. Naturally, those in academia aren't happy about this, and are trying to fight this stipulation.

Lots of news and goings-on at the Bologna Fiction Fair, which is being ably covered by the folks at Publishing News.

The Telegraph's big interview (which will no doubt be linked to be everyone in the 'sphere) is with Bob Woodward, whose new book PLAN OF ATTACK has been reviewed to death this week. Naturally, that's why he's talking to the English paper (what, you think they want to know about his love life? Exactly. Neither do I.)

Just when Harold Bloom dropped out of the spotlight after those nasty sexual harrassment claims by Naomi Wolf, he's back, being interviewed by Newsday, although of course he doesn't talk about that and spends most of his time talking about what he knows best--literature and criticism.

Louis de Bernieres speaks to the Bookseller about the impetus for his new book, BIRDS WITHOUT WINGS, which is deemed one of the most eagerly anticipated books of the summer.

What's the French classic whose republication is being hailed as "momentous" by the Independent? Why, the Asterix comics, of course. Boyd Tonkin takes a look at the reissues and explains why he's so damned excited.

And finally, a shortlist of 30 entries has been prepared to see who will win the 10 000 pound prize of...Poet Chant Laureate? Oh good god....

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