Friday, April 23, 2004

LA Times Festival of Books 

Argh. I just spent half an hour preparing a gorgeous and elaborate post on which panels to look for and who's covering what, but it got lost. Dratted blogger. But even though I can't attend what looks to be the largest author festival in the United States, Aldo Calcagno will be there, and he promises to report. Roger Simon has a panel on Sunday afternoon with Barbara Seranella, Gayle Lynds, Kelly Lange and Bionic Wonder Lee Goldberg (admire the titanium elbow!), and he promises to post pix on his blog over the weekend. And remember to say hello to all the folks signing books at the Mystery Bookstore (booth #411), Book 'Em Mysteries (#441) and Mysterious Galaxy (#601).

To all the attending authors and fans: have a wonderful time. And if anyone else wants to feed me info as it happens, hey, that works too.

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