Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Jonathan Carroll interview 

Jessa points to an interview of Jonathan Carroll, one of my all-time favorite authors (see previous gushing, second item down). Like the interviewer says, there's no one quite writing like Carroll, who manages to straddle the divide between genre and mainstream, speculation and reality. What I love about his books, as I've said before, is the sense of absolute wonder he creates with his stories. Though his last novel, WHITE APPLES, caused much polarization amongst those who read it, I was in the "love it" camp because for whatever reason, I dove in and believed wholeheartedly in the concepts of love, death and the universe that Carroll was trying to convey. And I'm excited about the upcoming sequel, GLASS SOUP, which will revisit the lovers' story. In a time of cynicism and snark and irony, sometimes it's just great to leave it all behind and succumb to the magic and wonder of Jonathan Carroll's novels.

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