Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Greetings from the Apple 

After enduring a fairly uneventful but far-too-early flight, I'm safely ensconced in Manhattan on what is looking to be a perfectly gorgeous beginning to a wonderfully lovely week--not just weather-wise. After a well-deserved rest (and I want to finish my flight reading) I'll head for the first installment of Edgar Week: a booksigning by three of the Best First nominees at Coliseum Books at 5:30 PM, followed by the Black Orchid Bookshop's annual pre-Edgar party, where a whole host of authors, including Donald Westlake, Meg Cabot, Rebecca Pawel, Lauren Henderson, Charlie Stella, Chris Niles, M.G. Kincaid, and Katherine Hall Page (to name but a few) will be in attendance.

As Edgar Week rolls on, I hope to post event reports and pictures, notwithstanding any technical difficulties that may occur. I'll also be blogging the Edgars (though the report won't show up till mid-Friday at the earliest) and whatever else occurs throughout the week that's worth mentioning. I'm just glad to be here--and if you see me at any of the above parties, tomorrow's Nevermores, or the Edgars, please do say hello--looking forward to meeting old friends and new ones.

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