Sunday, April 11, 2004

Further remainders of Easter Sunday 

A smattering of new audio interviews are making their way to my ears lately:

Rick Kleffel, host of the Agony Column, talks to George Pelecanos and British SF writer Richard Morgan;

Bill Thompson, who manages to cram a hell of a lot of content in his brief interviews with authors at Eye On Books, tries valiantly to understand Marty Beckerman's GENERATION S.L.U.T. It's not a bad interview but lord, if Beckerman says one more time that he has sex with his girlfriend all the time, I think I may smack him. Not that I begrudge him a monogamous lifestyle, but what the hell's the sense in bragging? Never mind that no one's asked her what she thinks about all this....

And while it's not an audio interview, this Q&A with David Peace over at Bookmunch is quite illuminating, although one does have to worry a bit about an author who says "I try not to relax." OTOH, this is David Peace we are talking about, someone not exactly known for writing FluffyBunny works that can be discarded after an airport flight. And then there's his opinion of the British writing crowd after he was asked if he minded being branded a crime writer:

Dostoyevsky wrote crime; Kafka wrote crime; Brecht wrote crime; Orwell wrote crime. Dickens. Greene. Dos Passos. Delillo etc. But anyway, to me, these days “literary” just means British writers with their Creative Writing MAs wanting to write the “Great American Novel” and filling bookshops with unreadable shite, with no plots, no characters, no balls, no heart and, above all, no British Voice. The best work is always done in the margins and the genres: Burroughs and Ballard in Science Fiction; Iain Sinclair and Alan Moore; and I’m proud to share the same section of a shop as Ellroy, Mosley, Pelecanos and Rankin.

Works for me.

Meanwhile, JT Lindroos has informed me that his new publishing venture, Point Blank Press, has gone live with its website. And it's a beauty--so, too, is the upcoming content, with the reissue of James Reasoner's TEXAS WIND, a new collection of short stories by James Sallis, and Allan Guthrie's debut crime thriller TWO-WAY SPLIT amongst the initial offerings in the next few months. You better believe I am excited about this new small press, whom I hope will be a major force in publishing new and neglected voices in the genre for years to come.

Going to the Edgar Awards, or attending Edgar Week? Want to know what the latest issues are in the mystery world or are looking to take that final step towards being a published writer? If you're a member of the Mystery Writers of America, then chances are their day-long Symposium on Wednesday, April 28 is the thing you're looking for. See the entire program list here, which features sessions on how to understand contracts, balancing forensic detail with a plot that moves, to picking up the pieces after you've been dropped by your publisher. And afterwards, knock back a drink or two at the Agents & Editors party, which will no doubt be stuffed to the gills as it usually is year after year....

And finally, I'm late with the news but that's OK, because the latest issue of Thrilling Detective will be up for a while and is basically devoted to my Harem of Cabana Boys, as the issue's dedicated to Fiction Editor Gerald So and features stories from Ray Banks, David White and eventually, Jim Winter (if he can finish it on time, that is!)

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