Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Denise Mina's next novel delayed too 

I'd actually known about this for a few months, but Fiona Walker, who's doing a very nice job of blogging over at the Crime Fiction Dossier, brings it up:

Denise Mina's new book, The Field of Blood has long been scheduled (by amazon, anyway, who I believe far too readily) as coming out this month. I've been hearing rumors, though, that this is completely untrue and that we won't actually be seeing it until March 2005. This doesn't surprise me, because, for an impending publication, everything has been suspiciously quiet. Plus, I read somewhere that she's finding it, "bloody hard work".

Anyway, it's not a rumor--the book is definitely not coming out till March. I found out earlier this year when I requested a review copy of the book from the folks at Bantam/Transworld, and was told by Mina's editor, Selina Walker, what was going on and the reasons for the delay:

... the simple reason for the delay in Denise's book is that she's just had a baby! Plus, because this is a new series - and one which we hope she'll be writing for some time to come - we wanted to give her the time to get it completely right, and us time to make sure we have the right new series look, and a good publication date.

I'm a huge fan of Mina, who I think will be reaching a much wider audience later this summer when her standalone DECEPTION (UK title is SANCTUM) is released. She'll be touring for the book as well, and Little, Brown has high hopes that the book will do well. Her Garnethill trilogy is among the finest set of crime novels I've read, and although SANCTUM/DECEPTION was not quite up to par, it's still a very thought-provoking novel. I think FIELD OF BLOOD will be worth the wait, in any case.

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