Thursday, April 29, 2004

Day Two, Abbreviated 

...is forthcoming tomorrow--at least, the full story. But here's a sneak peek:

--Didn't go to the Agents & Editors party in the end, and from what people told me later on, the party wasn't as filled to the brim with people as it usually is. Just as well--the few hours of relaxation I had worked wonders, and I do believe I am fully in the swing of things now.

--I think, well certainly I hope, that Monsieur Hogan made some worthwhile author contacts during the evening. It was certainly cool to see him take in the Edgar Week stuff.

--The Nevermores were wonderful, and crowded. I mean, it was a complete crush. I could circulate, but barely, and found myself wishing to be outside in "Smoker's Corner," where there was some fresh air to be had. I managed to get outside just once, and couldn't stay because the show was just about to start.

--Ken Bruen was, once again, in hot demand. He was supposed to join my group for dinner but was last seen in deep conversation with Jason Starr, someone whom I had a very nice conversation in parts throughout the evening. I suspect they decamped to a nearby bar, and for all I know, they are still there....

--Finally got to meet up with Olen Steinhauer, First Novel Edgar nominee and blog denizen. He's just as charming and thoughtful as his comments here indicated, and then some.

--Donna Moore is a star, as she was the only recipient of two Nevermores--it was lovely to see her brilliant comedic writing displayed and eliciting consistent guffaws for the audience. Will she listen to the masses and heed the call of her Muse? Well, everybody loves a cliffhanger...

-And shockingly, yours truly barely indulged in the scrumptious birthday cake that was in display. Truly a sign that this was a special evening (or that it was way too close to dinnertime, and the full meal won out. But oh, that chocolate cake....)

And now, to all, good night, for I must be up and about at an earlyish hour to take care of some real and actual business. But stay tuned for the full wrap-up of the awards, their winners, and who was there and what they said.

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