Thursday, April 08, 2004

Copy, Tea, or Me 

Another gem from the Marketplace:

Random House editorial assistants Anne Dayton and May Vanderbilt's first novel EMILY EVER AFTER, about a young woman who works as an editorial assistant for the largest publishing company in the world, and her efforts to find career satisfaction and a fulfilling relationship, even as her faith and values are tested by the temptations of life in NYC, to Trace Murphy at Doubleday to be published in conjunction with WaterBrook Press, by Claudia Cross at Sterling Lord Literistic (NA)

And you just know that a thousand other young, perky editorial assistant clones not-so-secretly slaving away at their novels are probably submerged in their own jealousy right now.

What's interesting about this deal is the simultaneous publication: Doubleday will do the "normal" edition but WaterBrook Press is Random House's division devoted to Christian and inspirational books. So Dayton and Vanderbilt will appeal to both the chick lit crowd and the spiritually enlightened folks who believe that New York City truly is a cesspool of all that is evil and tempting. (ed. well, aren't they right? Hey, shut up and pass me another vodka tonic.)

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