Monday, April 12, 2004

Choire, get on this now 

The lead item on Page Six is the news that Paula Jones (of Bill Clinton Sexual Harrassment Fame) is shopping a proposal of her life as a victim. Or something:

Jones' book proposal, now making the round of publishing houses, promises that in Chapter 27, she will describe "how, beginning with an innocent photo-shoot, men in the pornography industry manipulated her into posing nude, something she had said she would never do. Paula gives the money to the IRS to satisfy her debt, and immediately regrets the episode and is embarrassed by it."

But, manipulated by men, she is victimized again. The meat of her proposed book is chapter three, a blow-by-blow account of what happened in the Excelsior Hotel May 8, 1991, "when Clinton propositioned Paula, exposed himself to her, and intimidated her."

Chapter 27?? What on earth is she going to write about for the first 26 chapters? Her life? Her childhood? Oy gevalt.

Suffice it to say that publishers are skeptical anyone will take Jones' story on:

Publisher Judith Regan told us there won't be much interest in Jones' story at this late date: "I think now, it's worthless. There are no secrets left."

Very true--but I still want to see the proposal, and maybe it's time for another Gawker-TSG collaboration effort again....

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