Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Bond, Junior Bond 

PEPPERMINT cordial, shaken not stirred. The adventures of James Bond, aged 13, are to be revealed in two new books by comedian Charlie Higson.

The co-creator of the BBC’s Fast Show, who is also a writer of adult thrillers and screenplays, has been signed up to write two prequels set during the celebrated spy’s time as a pupil at Eton.

And, following the successes of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter tales - which saw applications to boarding school rise - and Anthony Horowitz’s four Alex Rider boy spy books, which have sold in excess of 1.1 million copies, Higson appears set to score a major publishing hit when the first episode comes out in March next year.

Eton? Ya think? I always thought he was a Harrow kind of boy...

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