Thursday, April 01, 2004

Another Scalzi Smackdown 

John Scalzi, whose blog I really need to add to the blogroll the next time I update it, makes mincemeat of an anonymous response to his recent posts on writing and that Jane Austen Doe article that made the rounds last week. The anonymous dude goes on about how sad it is to lose one's ideals and illusions, and that keeping those illusions is more important than keeping abreast of what's actually going on in publishing, and Scalzi, well, pretty much lets him have it. Especially amusing was his pretend-exchange with his 21-year-old self:

Me Now: Hey, just so you know, by the time you're thirty-five you'll have written six books, have been a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, you'll review movies, music, and video games and get paid to spout off on whatever you feel like. And you'll be married to a superhot babe and have a supercute kid, and they'll both be smarter than you are.

Me Then: Rock!

Me Now: Yes, exactly. Now give me your hair.

God, I love a man who's pragmatic.

UPDATE, 4:30 PM EST: Jim Winter, whose spiffy new domained site went up the other day, has more to say about all this.

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