Thursday, April 08, 2004

Another mystery writer joins the blogger fray 

Roger spreads the word about a new blog started up by Lee Goldberg, man of many hats--mystery writer, creator of DIAGNOSIS MURDER, and brother of fellow writer Tod, who's been known to read this blog on occasion. Pay special attention to Lee's post about dealing with fan fiction writers, who send vitriolic email after vitriolic email for daring to mess with the characters they love (and proceed to mess up in their own fanfic):

Can you imagine Sue Grafton, Michael Connelly, Ian Rankin, Nevada Barr, James Patterson, Janet Evanovich or anybody else with a mystery book series getting mail like this (not that I’m putting myself in their league, of course)?
No one questions a novelist’s ownership of his or her characters, to do with them as he or she pleases. Yes, we might wish that Spenser finally got rid of Susan, but we’d never presume to demand that Robert Parker do it, or take issue with him personally over what he was doing with “our” characters. Not that readers don’t have influence over the choices an author makes (take Sherlock Holmes’ premature death and forced resurrection, for example). But fans of books, even the most passionate, seem to recognize the line between reality and fiction, between their loyalty to the books and the author’s creative right to do as he or she pleases with the characters.
Not so with TV. And, it seems, not so with books based on TV shows.

Indeed. And I can think of at least one person who'll no doubt have some comments to add.

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