Sunday, April 11, 2004

Andrew Vachss in Page Six 

No, that's not a typo. I'm not sure exactly what the NY Post is smoking today--or maybe it's slow--but Ian Spiegelman caught up with everybody's favorite lawyer-turned-author of frighteningly noir novels starring his anti-hero Burke. His newest book, "Down Here," makes the case that all baddies--rapists, pedophiles, terrorists--are basically all the same:

"I promise you, there are people in America whose only problem with the Taliban is that they did it for the wrong god," Vachss tells PAGE SIX's Spiegelman. "Whether it's incest, rape, terrorism or Nazism, it's all the same thing - accumulating and abusing power."

Vachss has always had a point in his crusades, which are well-recounted in his novels, but somehow, the way he goes about it manages to turn as many people off as they do on. Never mind that he attracts the freakiest people at his booksignings. A few years ago when I still worked at the store, Vachss strutted in, went to the lectern at the back, ignored us booksellers, and basically put on a show for his cult, who peppered him with all-too-knowledgeable questions about his books, like why he killed off this character and that dog, etc. I freely admit that I spent much of my time manning the register, staring at the spectacle, and hoping everybody would ignore me. It worked. Maybe I don't respond well to that level of tension and aggression, I don't know. But I suspect it may be a while before I try a Vachss book again....

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