Thursday, April 29, 2004

And still abbreviated 

So that fuller report on last night's Nevermores that I'd promised for today? Well, OK, I kinda lied. Or at least didn't quite factor in the level of overprogramming that ensued (job interview in the morning, followed by a business lunch.) And considering that I'm just about to get dressed and will be heading out the door in due course for the opening cocktails of the Edgar Awards, that report--and the one of the Edgars proper--will have to wait till tomorrow or beyond. Ah, the life of a carousing young blogger in Manhattan. But I'll have my trusty notepad and a pen that only works half the time, scribbling down the dish and noteworthy items of the night.

I'll be sitting at one of two tables fronted by Partners & Crime along with my friend Mary, Maggie Griffin, Lee Child, Alafair Burke, first novel nominee James Hime, and several others. I'm looking forward to seeing Michael Connelly, Ian Rankin, Karin Slaughter, Val McDermid, and a whole host of other writers who haven't yet achieved barfly status this week. And hey, maybe I'll even run into Graydon Carter, who's getting a special raven (for investigative pieces in VANITY FAIR) which will evidently be handed to him by Dominick Dunne, another favorite of mine. One never knows what can happen at these Edgar bashes, after all.

More tomorrow--if I don't see you in the Grand Hyatt hotel bar after the awards are done.

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