Friday, April 09, 2004

All About Sandy 

Because I'm a lazy git who didn't feel like anteing up the cash to pay for it, I haven't been tuning into Alexander McCall Smith's "daily novel" 44 SCOTLAND STREET that's been running in weekday installments at the Scotsman. But for those, like me, who were probably waiting for the serialized novel to be published in book form, here's the news you're waiting for: Polygon, McCall Smith's longstanding Scottish publisher, will bring out the book next year, while Random House (likely the Pantheon imprint that does the #1 Ladies Detective Agency books as well) will publish it soon afterwards.

With 44 SCOTLAND STREET to finish its run in June, McCall Smith is working about 20 chapters ahead of what readers see, and he reveals that a "disastrous emotional development" will be in store, leaving some folks "distraught." As well, there'll be quite the surprise:

Readers could also be surprised, in forthcoming episodes, to recognise some very real people making their way into McCall Smith’s fiction. Already, there has been mention of a number of senior Conservatives, but the first actually to appear in the series will be a leading figure from the other end of the political spectrum.

Ian Rankin, McCall Smith’s next-door-but-one neighbour in Merchiston, has also agreed to appear in the series. McCall Smith said: "The only thing I can reveal is that there will be a mystery which even he will fail to solve."

No word on whether fellow Merchiston resident J.K. Rowling will make a special appearance in the serial. And as for Rankin, hmm, will he be stumbling upon more crime scenes in this fictional world McCall Smith has created? Stay tuned--or wait for the final book version next year.....

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