Sunday, March 21, 2004

With a little help from my friends 

It's always gratifying when people you know and like, and whose work you like, have their hard work and effort pay off. For those that actually pay attention to the comments section, you know that I have a regular harem...er, staple of regulars who chip in with their responses to whatever it is I've posted at that particular point. And their fortunes are getting better and better. It started with Jim Winter, whose debut novel, NORTHCOAST SHAKEDOWN, will be available in November from Quiet Storm Press, and already the recipient of some very nice blurbs from Steve Hamilton, G. Miki Hayden, and Kevin Wignall (whose next book, FOR THE DOGS, is out in July which I'm very much looking forward to.) Now Ray Banks has inked a deal with Point Blank Press for the upcoming publication of his first book, THE BIG BLIND, later this year. I'm really excited about both bits of news and if hardboiled and noir fiction is your sort of thing, I daresay these guys (and Dave White, who's still toiling on his manuscript) will have healthy careers for many years to come.

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