Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Vitriol is an understatement 

The World Figure Skating Championships are happening this week in Dortmund, Germany. A few years ago, I'd have paid attention in a rather Pavlovian fashion, clicking "refresh" every six seconds on the ISU site for instant scores. Now, well, I'm not so into skating like I once was (though once you learn to differentiate between triple jumps, it never goes away.) But I had to shake my head at the spectacular flameout of Canada's hope, Emanuel Sandhu. O, how we have suffered with this boy, who in one moment shows flashes of brilliance (Dr. Sandhu) and then goes and behaves like at train wreck in the next (Emanuel Hyde.) After winning his qualifying group, he bombed the short program yesterday, popping and falling on jumps all over the place.

Not surprisingly, the Canadian media is not really happy about this, and the Toronto Star's Rosie DiManno really goes off on Sandhu's disastrous performance:

Hello again. Loser.

We really thought you'd gone away these last 14 months, the gutless Emanuel Sandhu, replaced by someone else, an altered persona, a new you, a gutsy competitor who didn't shy and shrivel in the crunch.

But here you are once more, the Emanuel we all know and ...

Yes, we know this Sandhu intimately. Perhaps, after last night's catastrophe at the world figure skating championships, the enigmatic 23-year-old even knows something immutable about himself ? that he is not made of the right stuff, that he will never stand on the gold medal podium at any worlds or Olympics, that he lacks the fortitude of a champion.

Yowza. Be interesting to see if he pulls out a great long program tomorrow, but what the hell, skating fans and Sandhu fans will be back on the gravy train next year, though they'll likely get their hearts broken all over again.

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