Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Telling Lies for Fun and Profit 

All I really need to say about the Jayson Blair media blitz was summed up far better this morning by good old Uncle Grambo, commenting on the Page Six Item that Blair went into the Lincoln Center B&N and thumbed through copies of his books to find that nasty messages had been placed inside (!!!):

but the real question that emerges after reading this quick hit in The Post is this: what kind of egomaniacal douchenozzle (especially as high-profile as JB) walks into a B&N and ACTUALLY FLIPS THROUGH his or her own book on the day it's released? it's one thing to stroll into a bookstore to check out whether or not they're carrying your book, but do you really need to sit there and thumb through your book in one of those cozy aisleway chairs? i mean, it's one thing if you're muthascratchin' Johnny Updizz (ed. that's Updike to you), but completely another if you're the sort of jackanapes who buys Alka Seltzer thinking it's coke and then snorts it anyway! NO BUZZ!

So, so true. But then, Blair is a rather, well, odd individual. Lying a lot is kind of a dead giveaway, after all.

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