Monday, March 08, 2004

Spalding Gray 

As reported all over the 'sphere, a body was pulled from the East River near Greenpoint, Brooklyn, that may belong to the writer and actor Spalding Gray. An autopsy is underway at the Brooklyn Office of the OCME to determine the cause of death and to identify the body, which was decomposed beyond recognition.

This isn't terribly surprising; if a body's been in the water a couple of months, then it's filled with putrefying gases that cause it to rise up and float--hence the term "floater" for such instances, and thus facial features are distorted beyond recognition as it and the body bloats out. Chances are that if an ID can be made, it'll be done via dental records, and no doubt there are some on file for Gray.

UPDATE: Ellen Borakove, the spokesperson for the medical Examiner's Office, has confirmed the news. The body was, as expected, identified via dental records and "other X-rays," i.e foreign bodies like the metal plate in his head that had been surgically implanted following a 2001 car accident.

Condolences to Gray's wife, Kathy Russo, their children, and all their family and friends. A great loss, indeed.

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