Friday, March 19, 2004

Some spate of linkage 

10 years ago, BRAVO TWO ZERO told the story of an SAS mission gone terribly awry, blowing the lid open on the secret force. It also launched the careers of thriller writers Andy McNab and Chris Ryan. But Mike Coburn has a different view that's substantially different from BRAVO'S, and not surprisingly, he's getting lots of flak for it.

Damon Galgut's THE GOOD DOCTOR is finally available in the US. I've wanted to read the Booker-shortlisted book for ages, and this review in the New York Times only heightens my initial feelings about the book.

Waterstone's has decided to adopt a "Staff's picks" program to boost sales of various books, using bookseller's personal choices for a national campaign. Do also check out the snarky comment left at Booktrade.info about how it's basically the same idea Books, Etc. came up with years ago.

It's so hard to be Amazon.com--the ups, the downs, the grins, the frowns are second nature to them now.....

The longlist for the biggest non-fiction award in Britain, the Samuel Johnson award, has been announced. The emphasis this year is less on war and political biography and more on "quirky" fare.

The Independent jumps on the "25 words or less" bandwagon and asks a contributor to summarize a whole bunch of famous novels in the briefest of paragraphs. Hit and miss, but some are pretty damned funny.

David Liss is interviewed in Columbus This Week about his new book, A SPECTACLE OF CORRUPTION, which takes up where the Edgar-winning A CONSPIRACY OF PAPER left off.

Comedians like Jay Leno are jumping on the kid's book bandwagon. Jury's out on whether I should be impressed by this or not.

And finally, four more years of The Daily Show, baby. Maybe one of these days I'll actually go see the show live, in person--although I bet the waiting list is probably a year long by now.....

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