Tuesday, March 30, 2004

The prodigal returns 

I find that even a short absence away from regular blogging creates, upon my return home to the office and the computer where I spend far too much time sitting at all day, a feeling not unlike jet lag. An good night's sleep is in order, a full day, really, is required to re-start the rhythm of looking for links and thinking of things to share with you all. But if things are still somewhat slow, maybe it's not a bad thing. One of the first posts I read upon my return was Ed's redefinition of his own site, and it's causing a lot of food for thought for my tired, overstimulated* brain. For one thing, my own feelings about the blog have been heading in similar directions; fewer links, fewer posts, but that what I do post has more depth and quality to it. Eventually, I'll have to juggle a day job, and am still pondering how the blog will fit into that new rhythm. But then, when I started here almost six months ago, I wondered if I'd still have anything to say at this point in time. And thankfully, I do--whether it's responding to topical news, generating my own content, or pure happenstance. But April will be heavy on travel and frequent flyer points, which means, perhaps, more apologetic notes and abrupt silences. Rhythm is difficult to recreate away from one's personal space; at least it's proving to be the case for me.

Still, at least this week is shaping up to be a hell of a lot better than last week.....

*I finished three books today. They were Ross Thomas's final novel AH, TREACHERY!, Anna Blundy's THE BAD NEWS BIBLE (review to appear later) and Jonathan Carroll's THE WOODEN SEA, which isn't one of my favorites but still filled with his unique style and his amazing ability to create a sense of wonder throughout.

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