Monday, March 01, 2004

Politics and Poker 

SJ Rozan was at Left Coast Crime and offers an inside look into a shadowy, somewhat mysterious, always coveted part of mystery convention life: the late-night poker game:

A word must be spoken about the convention poker games. Those of us without regular games at home treasure these once-or-twice a year late-night games and wouldn't give them up, even though they ruin us for any bright-and-sparkling stuff the next morning, and even though, miraculously, everyone seems to lose more often, and bigger, than they win. How can this be, you ask? I dunno, but there you have it.

Since I don't play, I've never taken part in any of these games, which are deadly serious or lighthearted depending on the year's players. Besides, I suspect that even if I go looking for the BCon one, I won't be able to find it--that's why it's so shadowy....

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