Thursday, March 18, 2004

Not your usual promotional giveaway 

Publisher's Weekly called Daniel Silva's novel "The English Assassin" a "superbly crafted thriller."

The review, however, doesn't say anything about marijuana and Percodan.

Yet it was pot and ground-up pain pills that authorities allege were stuffed into the binding of a copy of the book and mailed to an inmate at Lackawanna County Prison.

The inmate, Nicholas Lapelosa, was charged Monday with conspiracy and other crimes. The charges were announced Tuesday, Mr. Lapelosa's 33rd birthday, by Lackawanna County District Attorney Andrew J. Jarbola III.

Somehow, I suspect this wasn't what Silva's publisher had in mind when they wanted to come up with freebies to give away with the book...

(link from Bookninja.)

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