Tuesday, March 02, 2004

The Nannies have landed 

I swear, I could just loiter at Publisher's Marketplace 24/7 and never have to blog about anything else if I could. So without further adieu:

Nanny Diaries co-authors Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus's CITIZEN GIRL, originally under contract to Random House before the house rejected it, about "the employment odyssey of an ambitious woman confronting what it is to be young and female in the New Economy," to Brenda Copeland at Atria, for publication in fall 2004, in what others say is a very good deal, by Suzanne Gluck at William Morris (NA).

Truly, is anyone surprised about this? Only a few days ago, I remarked to an agent I know, after a lengthy discussion about reactions to the initial rejection by Random House, that I expected CITIZEN GIRL to be picked up somewhere. I didn't think it would be so soon, but there you have it. Of course, we'll see whether the folks at Atria can edit the book into enough shape so that the critics don't have their knives out at maximum sharpness. This could be quite interesting.

I am curious about what Marketplace means by "what others say is a very good deal." By their calculations, "very good" means somewhere in the 200-250K range; but the Random House contract had been for 3 mil, and the story went that McLaughlin/Krauss received $1 million up front, which was what was expected to be paid back. So by that count, they are still in the hole for a fair amount of cash--and it remains to be seen if they can actually pay the money back to Random House.

But at the very least, this story is far from finished. And I'd also venture to guess that the authors will emerge from hundreds of hours of media training to be kinder, gentler versions of themselves by the time the publicity machine kicks into gear--assuming, of course, there is such a thing.

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