Thursday, March 25, 2004

My very own Maslin Watch 

(To wallow in crappy feeling, or to blog snarkily? The answer, dear readers, is somewhat obvious. Though I promise, full strength tomorrow.)

Oh, dear lord. Just looking at the list of books La Maslin mentions in this edition of her "popular books" column makes my eyes pop out and flip over and out in the Tex Avery style, except without the hot guys (hey, I'm transplanting here) in the vicinity. Gack. I mean, Bergdorf Blondes? The new Susan Elizabeth Phillips? James freakin' Patterson who hasn't written any of his books in eons? Stop it. Just stop the madness. It makes me ill.

But instead of ranting and raving about her choices for "review" (since the column basically amounts to a book-related name-dropping fest), here's my plan: the next column will show up in six weeks' time. Let's all come up with suggestions for books that will be current at that point in time (i.e. release dates in late April/early May) that are a) popular, or at least somewhat and b) actually worth reading. Oh, and it can't be stuff that Maslin already likes, as we need to broaden her horizons considerably. Crime fiction suggestions are, of course, most welcome, but other unjustly neglected poplit books will do.

I'll start off with suggestions #1 and #2: Donald Westlake's THIEVES DOZEN (which is in stores now) and THE ROAD TO RUIN. Add yours in the comment box.

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