Wednesday, March 03, 2004

The Morning wrap 

March 4 is World Book Day, and there will tons of events--readings, workshops, signings--to commemorate this. John Walsh at the Independent ponders the newfound significance upon current and budding readers.

Sara Nelson offers her thoughtful commentary on the Amazon flap. I can't get over how a publishing party would de-evolve into obsessing about rankings at Publisher's Marketplace, but then, let's not underestimate the insecurity and neuroses of certain writers....

After sifting through 1500 applicants from all around the world, the longlist for the Lit Idol Competition has been announced. One of the hopefuls to make the shortlist of five is Tom Easton, a Production Manager with Hodder Children's publishing.

Edgar Allan Poe's legend will endure forevermore, but a spate of recent books, both fiction and factual, are helping in this endeavor. Nancy Pate at the Orlando Sentinel examines Poe's influence on books by the likes of Andrew Taylor, John May, and more.

There's a project going on to research the life of poet William Blake and his ancestors, and interestingly, it's turning out they are quite the wanton bunch. Is heightened sexuality linked to greater artistic pursuits? Hell if I know....

Even though Phyllis Alesia Perry's A SUNDAY IN JUNE was not "her ideal read," Audrey Niffenegger gives it a very good review nonetheless.

Looks like Alexander McCall Smith's serial novel 44 Scotland Street is catching on with readers as its home, The Scotsman, had hoped.

Can we all finally just admit that the whole J.M. Coetzee "reluctant interview" thing is a sham? For someone so publicity-shy, he's been making the rounds all over the world of late, and most recently, Australia.

Conrad Black is hot, hot, hot--at least as a subject for two upcoming books, both slated to be released this fall. Rebecca Caldwell of the Globe and Mail has the scoop on what's considered to be a "gripping example of modern mismanagement."

And finally, Karin Slaughter has posted pictures from the LIKE A CHARM launch party last month. I do have only one question for one of the contributors: Mark, could you stretch that any further?

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