Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Lit Idol from an American Perspective 

The Washington Post, interestingly enough, has a long feature on Lit Idol in this morning's paper. Although Paul Cavanagh, the lone Canadian in the final bunch, was the overall winner and will be represented by Ali Gunn of Curtis Brown, it seems that Karen Barichievy's S&M-tinged DIRTY WOMEN made quite the impression, and Gunn will rep her as well. It also seems that Barichievy's book might get a deal first, as Cavanagh's NORTHWEST PASSAGE is only half-complete.

Still, that won't stop Gunn from putting the book up for auction:

Gunn said she expected to hold an auction for Cavanagh's book soon. "Obviously, I don't even start negotiating unless it's above six figures," she said, with some bravado. "I don't get out of bed for less than a hundred thousand."

But Cavanagh has more tangible worries right now:

So will Cavanagh, à la "Survivor's" Richard Hatch, become famous, a true Lit Idol?

"I don't know what that is," he said. "I just feel like someone who has to figure out how to get his book finished in a very short time."

No kidding. Hat's off to him if he can, and based on the short synopsis and the excerpt that's available, it looks to be an interesting read. But don't be surprised if Barichievy proves to be the breakout star of this year's installment (hmm, the Clay Aiken to Cavanagh's Ruben? Nah, that's stretching an analogy way too far....)

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