Monday, March 01, 2004

Like a Virgin 

Oh look, another gem from Publisher's Marketplace:

Tara McCarthy's debut novel LOVE WILL TEAR US APART: My Life With Flora and Fauna Sparks, about a single, cynical 35-year-old celebrity journalist who finds herself unraveling when she's hired to write the biography of a pair of teenage Siamese twin pop stars, one of whom has just decided to record a solo album, to Lauren McKenna at Downtown Press/Pocket Books, in a nice deal, for two books, by David Dunton at Harvey Klinger (world). Film rights are represented by Shari Smiley at CAA.

While this synopsis does sound rather fun and I've quite enjoyed several offerings by Downtown Press, I cackle because what's not mentioned here is that McCarthy once created a bit of a stir some years back with her memoir "Been There, Haven't Done That," about her life as a twentysomething virgin (even though she'd done just about everything else) which Lizzie analyzed in fearless fashion some years back.

The novel, I suspect, won't give any insight into whether McCarthy's virginal state was eventually relieved.

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