Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Ian Rankin tells all 

Well, not exactly but Craig McDonald's interview is wonderfully in-depth as he gets Rankin to talk about his early career, his current success in the US, why he's not sure he wants his older books to be reprinted (there goes the pension fund!) and why he's taking his current book--200 pages done, publication date September (!)--with him on the road:

McDonald: Are you able to write on the road?

Rankin: No, I can?t. I can?t. Which is slightly unfortunate, because I?ve had to leave the new novel I?m writing just now. It?s up to page 200. I?ve had to leave it while I come and do this tour.

McDonald: Have you ever had a novel die because you?ve been away too long?

Rankin: Oh God, don?t say that! I?m touching wood, I?m touching wood!

McDonald: Sorry, I?m sorry. I?ve just heard other writers who?ve had that experience ? claiming the novel cooled on them and they couldn?t get back in.

Rankin: I?ve actually brought the manuscript with me, and I?ve brought all my notes, so I can keep reading it. I can keep it fresh in my mind. I can keep notes about where it can go next.

McDonald: You?re still in the "country of the book" then?

Rankin: I?m still in. And, before I left, I made sure I left it half-way through a chapter with big long notes about where it should go next. Because, I was afraid if I left it at the end of a chapter, you?re sittin? there with a kind of a blank slate. You don?t know where it?s going to go next.

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