Tuesday, March 16, 2004

I suppose you're wondering why you're all here 

PILAR--For more than a year, the public has been mesmerized by the murder of socialite Mar?a Marta Garc?a Belsunce, a true-life drama with details seemingly borrowed from an Agatha Christie novel.

Moments after Garc?a Belsunce's body was discovered in her bathtub in October 2002, the leading suspects gathered in the living room of her villa in this Buenos Aires suburb to discuss what they should do: her husband, her brother, her brother-in-law, her doctor, even her masseuse.

Now a prosecutor has stepped forward to say who among them will be charged in Garc?a Belsunce's killing. But the alleged motive is an unexpected and disturbing twist that is more Sopranos than Christie: Garc?a Belsunce was murdered, the prosecutor alleges, not out of jealously or greed, but to cover up the dealings of Mexico's Juarez drug cartel.

Sometimes, truth truly is stranger than fiction...

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