Monday, March 08, 2004

Here we go again 

"The identity of one of the most notorious murderers in the annals of British crime may become clearer when a retired detective presents fresh evidence.

Trevor Marriott, a former murder squad detective, will attempt to unmask Jack the Ripper during a presentation at the University of Ulster.

The retired police officer applied new forensic and investigative techniques to the baffling series of murders which struck terror into the dimly lit streets of Victorian London.

Oh my god, you mean he didn't fall in line with Patricia Cornwell's theory? I'm shocked, positively shocked.

Seriously, I respect all the time and effort that goes into trying to solve the case but--everybody's dead, you know? Seems like there are other, more recent unsolveds that would be a better use of time, money, forensics, brainpower and attention. Like this one.

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