Thursday, March 18, 2004

Good morning 

I'm not doing the morning links today, as frankly, I spent way too much time on my most recent post (and hello for all those coming here who probably read the Times article or one of the wire articles, hope you stick around for my usual slice of life) among other things, as yesterday was awfully prolific. So today, I rest. At least for now. I may break in sometime later in the day, knowing me.

But enjoy the offerings below, and most of the usual suspects will have fine and piping hot content to offer up to you. And for anyone else I forgot, well, check those handy links on the right hand side.

And one more thing: Lawrence Block, whose new book THE BURGLAR ON THE PROWL is a highly enjoyable piece of entertainment, is out on the road on a lengthy book tour to promote this brand-new release and will be speaking at many a bookstore and library near you. Aside from the fact that he's a favorite and that an event of his is always worth checking out because he's so good at reading from his work, now he's started a tour blog, which he'll be updating daily from now till mid-May, when the tour is complete. Check it out.

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