Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Eurotrash 1, NYT 0 

No doubt you are all hopelessly aware of what fans we are of the delightfully psychotic Eurotrash. Now she's taking aim at Amanda Hesser, the New York Times' not-so-venerable food critic:

There is sometimes a dreadfully earnest, ponderous style to the New York intelligentsia. You see it in the writing and you hear it when they discuss worthy matters in a worthy tone. As the conversation shifts to the philospohical paradigm de jour, so do their voices. New York writers do not discuss. They declaim at each other, they intone, like Roman senators addressing the forum. Then their voices go back to normal when they pop out to buy a sandwich.

Like a book review in the New Yorker, this restaurant review made me want to burn something. I disliked Amanda Hesser by the second sentence when she used the phrase "olfactory amuse-bouche". By the end of the piece I wanted to grab her and make her wear clothes from Old Navy and eat Big Macs for the rest of her life.

We can't wait to hear ET's take on the Book Review someday.

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