Wednesday, March 31, 2004

The effects of ghostwriting 

Oh, that D-Nasty. His myriad of contacts has yielded quite the tasty morsel, that it seems Michael Bergin's new tell-all about his relationship with Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, the object of much scorn and kvetching, had just a bit of help:

Michael Bergin wrote...

"I booty called her and then we like passed out on her couch."

His ghostwriter suggested...

"A few days later, on Sunday, I went over and spent the night with her. We didn't make love again. This was the longest we'd gone without making love since getting back together. But I held her, and it was enough."

Truly, what would some folks do without the help of a ghost? Wither on the vine and die, or at least crawl into oblivion....

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