Monday, March 08, 2004

Blogging is the new dotcom, redux 

Every time some little blip in bloggerdom occurs, like last week's "mysterious" disappearance of The Kicker (that wasn't really such), up pops Jason McCabe Calacanis, former venture capital guru from the heady days of the dotcom bubble, like an unfortunate lemming that just won't leave. So how to judge whether today's article in New York actually takes Calacanis' "challenge" to Nick Denton's Gawker world seriously? Does he honestly, truly believe that "within five years, the top blogs will become worth as much as $5 million."?

Please, stop the madness.

Blogging, by nature--at least in the media bubble world--is not a long-term form, as people's memories of what happened six hours ago, let alone six weeks or months ago, fade away. Why shouldn't Gawker be a launching pad for people's careers, moving on to bigger, better, more permanent gigs? It's called moving up the food chain ladder. Kind of like those who start out at a small press and get a contract from a bigger publishing house. Are they supposed to turn down the more lucrative offer because it's "selling out" or "disloyal"? Um, no. Sometimes such moves backfire, yes, but being beholden to lower pay (or suffering for your art) doesn't make you a better person for it.

(Thanks to Marc for the link.)

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