Sunday, March 14, 2004

Addendum--even more crime fiction links 

That's what I get for compiling the update over a 24 hour period--then I go ahead and post it and find I've missed out an all sorts of goodies. Sticking to the mystery stuff, let's turn to:

More reviews of George Pelecanos' HARD REVOLUTION. Gary Dretzka at the Chicago Sun-Times shows how the book is a master class in writing dialogue, while the Philly Inquirer is more straightforward--they loved the book.

Les Roberts, creater of the Milan Jacovich PI series, occasionally contributes a column to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and this time, he's all over the map. He enjoys Caroline Carver's new book DEAD HEAT, really rips into Reed Farrel Coleman's REDEMPTION STREET for "clunky dialogue" (wha? Did we read the same book?) and he also reviews the newest by Carolyn Hart, calling her "the queen of traditional mystery in America."

Gerry Boyle, whose most recent novel is PRETTY DEAD, writes a series centering around New York journalist Jack McMorrow. He talks to the Portsmouth Herald about his career, the Jayson Blair business, and what he's working on now.

Henry Kisor's column at the Chicago Sun-Times spends much of its energy wondering if Robert B. Parker's on autopilot with his latest Spenser novel. He need not wonder--isn't it obvious? But like Kisor, I agree that Parker's upcoming novel, DOUBLE PLAY, sounds fascinating. Set in 1947, it focuses on a man hired by Branch Rickey to bodyguard Jackie Robinson in 1947. Yeah, I'm sold.

And finally, two new stories in Val McDermid's Save Our Short Story online anthology are up: one is by noir and sci-fi writer Chaz Brenchley, while the other is by Ron Butlin.

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