Thursday, February 05, 2004

Talk of the Town 

The blogiverse is already abuzz with their thoughts on Woody Allen's oeuvre, thanks to Terry's admission that other than Radio Days, he's not much of a fan of Allen's movies. Like Ed, I pretty much agree with the opinion that Allen just ain't what he used to be. I'm also much more likely to enjoy his early comedy efforts--Sleeper still makes me laugh in a stupid kind of way, never mind Bananas and Take The Money and Run--but I can do without the pseudo-Bergman business and the ponderous navel gazing that predominates his later, "more mature" work.

But Terry's earlier post about heading to Makor for the first time interested me a great deal more. When I lived in New York, I went to the Upper West Side club a few times (though not as often as my Sunday afternoon favorite, Tonic), mostly to hear friends or klezmer bands play (or in some cases, both at the same time.) Unfortunately, I found that it didn't work well with more uptempo dance music, but it is a great venue for jazz and related things. It's also worth noting that Makor gave Norah Jones the opportunity to gig there on a weekly basis before she became such a huge star. In fact, that's how I'd heard of her--when I first moved to the UWS, in the summer of 2001, my roommates subscribed to Makor's bimonthly newsletter and I'd leaf through it, wondering who this girl was who played there all the time who spelled her name with an "h". I never did see her act then, and occasionally I kick myself for missing out, just because I could then say I saw this international star playing, of all places, a Jewish club.

And yes, I can attest to the "kosher meat market-ness" of the place, though it still may not quite compare to the Friday night madness that is this....

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