Wednesday, February 11, 2004

The serial killer DVD set 

"On Monday, the King County prosecutor's office made available 109 DVDs of interviews with Gary Ridgway, who was sentenced Dec. 18 to 48 life sentences without the chance of parole after earlier pleading guilty to killing 48 women in the Green River serial murder case.

Ridgway has the most convictions of any serial murderer in U.S. history.

The disks, totaling almost 250 gigabytes of data, include more than 400 hours of video and nearly 8,500 pages of transcripts, said Derek Dohn, CEO of Chameleon Data, which put the DVDs together."

Now THAT is what I call a treasure trove of information. Albeit, not geared for general public viewing. If you want a copy, it's available--for the very low price of $2,220. True crime writer Ann Rule, however, was one person who anted up the cash to pay for the Ridgway DVDs, for good reason:

Rule bought the DVDs to help with her research for "Green River, Red Blood," a book due out in late summer, she said.

"I wrote 19 books waiting for this to be solved," said the Seattle resident.

She said she hopes the details of Ridgway's methods and motivations will provide cautionary tales to the public.

"I would love to put myself out of business," Rule said, "but there are always more dangerous criminals out there."

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