Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Paging Woodward and Bernstein 

Grambo has the scizz on the latest development in what's already been nicknamed "Tittygate":

CBS is moving to bounce Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake from next Sunday's Grammy Awards amid the national uproar following their X-rated, prime-time Super Bowl stunt.

Sources told The Post the network will demand the two stars be tossed from 46th Annual Grammy Awards if CBS's probe shows the duo schemed in advance to expose Jackson's pierced breast during the halftime spectacle.

Schemed in advance? What is this then, conspiracy to commit a topless act? Will CBS uncover a tape of Janet and Justin talking with 18 minutes mysteriously missing? Will it turn out that her original costume was stolen in a burglary of her apartment building? The speculation never ceases.

I was busy with other things, so I missed the spectacle in question, but frankly, all this uproar about breasts--it's something I'm just not getting at this particular moment. OTOH, it's a fine way for Miss Janet to get her name in the papers again, and well, I must applaud that sort of ingenuity--if only because she's managed to outdo a certain starlet--with her ex, at that.

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