Wednesday, February 11, 2004


Oh, that Grambo. With charmingly "goofy patois" that's begging to be dissected by William Safire, he's attracted legions of admirers and a little bit of controversy. Did Neal Pollack's Grammy diary for Salon rip off, er, pay homage to Grambo's own version? Trust Lou Dobbs of CNN to get the scoop in this just-posted exclusive interview with both men. Ol' Lou's been on a role of late, especially after his recent Q&A with the guy who has my vote for President*, the man who has won the heart of Bill O'Reilly and has Bill Cosby kissing his feet: the one, the only: Peabs. Obvs in '04.

*Of course, there's the slight problem that I can't vote in the United States. Something to do with citizenship? A pesky minor detail.

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